Dry Cured & Cold Smoked Bacon
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Brand History

Boks Bacon is an artisanal producer of award-winning bacon, sausages and hams, based in Hobart, Tasmania. The superb quality of the products is the result of recipes created more than a hundred years ago and a production process developed by the Boks family, who are originally from Holland. In 1951 Johannes Franciscus Andreas Boks emigrated from Holland to Australia and settled in Cygnet in the Huon Valley, Tasmania and began the legacy of Boks Bacon. Today, brothers Marcus Boks and Rick Boks who are the third generation, are proudly continuing the family tradition. The traditional Dutch recipes handed down from generation to generation and brought to Tasmania, quickly developed a cult following for their wonderful smoky flavours.

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Boks Brothers

A leading artisanal producer, the origins of Boks Bacon began a century ago with the Boks family developing production methods and recipes still used today. Boks began its presence in Australia early in the 1950’s in Cygnet in the Huon Valley and is nowadays based in Hobart, Tasmania, and run by brothers Marcus Boks and Rick Box who are the third generation. The company’s products include gourmet bacon, sausages, ham and poultry.

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Smoke Rooms

Our products are unique due to the fact we use only the best ingredients and follow time-honoured recipes used by my grandparents in Holland. We have also invested considerably in our production facilities which encompass our own smoke rooms”, highlights Marcus. “This makes the experience of producing our wonderful products exciting, enjoyable and genuine for all of our dedicated team



5 x Gold Medal Winning Bacons – 2019
• Sydney Royal Fine Foods Show (RASNSW), 3 x Gold Medals 2019
• Australian Pork Ltd Awards – Gold
• (RASV) Royal Ag Society of Victoria – Australian Food Awards – Gold
• 40 Tasmanian and National Awards and medals over the last 12 years.

Tasmanian Oak for cold Smoking
Dry Cured with Salt
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Cold Smoked
Boks Bacon